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Our Lady of Mercy now has a new ministry society called the Theater Steps Theatrical Society. The Theater Steps Theatrical Society focuses on the storytelling of faith and miracles through the eyes of different characters in the Bible. The message in each story focuses on the same lessons of faith that characters struggle with that are the same lessons for us in our daily walk with Christ. The Theatrical Society provides an artistic outlet for the community by producing Junior Musicals and hosting Open Mic Nights for our parish youth to participate in.

The Theater Steps Theatrical Society brings excellence in music, drama, and arts education to our parish children by providing a performing platform for age-appropriate activities that maximize spiritual education and growth along with fellowship. This ministry focuses on getting the youth to think creatively and independently while collaborating through script writing, editing, costume design, and set design. This ministry fosters responsibility, perseverance, respect, professional behavior, and honesty through team building with our youth. This is done through Junior Musicals and Open Mic Nights throughout the year to allow artistic expression through poetry, creative writing, visual arts, interpretive dance, piano, guitar, and song. Our mission provides a safe learning environment for the arts introducing Alexander techniques, Kodaly and Orff-Schulwerk methods to our Parish Youth by utilizing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Shoestring approach. The ministry is organized by Mrs. Lisa Villamaria Casia who is the artistic and music director.

The Theater Steps Theatrical Society has already planned a wonderful Christmas play for our youth to be a part of this Advent / Christmas season. Please join the OLM Theater Steps Theatrical Society. This ministry is free and open to all our Parish Youth from 5 to 18 years of age who want to explore serving the OLM community and getting involved with community outreach programs involving other small community venues, such as children’s wards in hospitals and performing for the elderly at nursing homes, through Christian artistic expression. We hope to see you all there!

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